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Vividred Operation 1x8

More Vivid Than Today

Akane is taken into intensive care whilst the Alone that attacked her wraps itself into a cocoon on the Tokyo Skytree. Despite their wishes to stay by Akane’s side, Aoi and the others are sent home to rest up. Discovering Akane’s Naked Rang which hadn’t disappeared when she lost her transformation, Aoi believes that Akane is still fighting. Whilst discussing how to fight against the Alone, they find their options limited since the girls are unable to dock without Akane, forcing the military to consider more drastic means. Later, Aoi runs into Rei, who tells her how forgiving Akane is to others. Strengthening their resolve to help Akane as much as they can, Aoi and the others decide to fight against the Alone, taking Akane’s Naked Rang with them. Their plan to stop it before hatches is thwarted after Rei once again powers it up. As the Alone prepares to fire at Wakaba and Himawari, Akane’s Naked Rang suddenly activates, giving Aoi a boost and allowing her to defeat the Alone.

Mar. 01, 2013

Vividred Operation season 1