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The Severing Crime Edge 1x12

―The Forbidden Game―

The story starts with information that people don’t believe that Grayland exist because there is no way that he can kill 200 people. Kiri found Emily at her father’s grave as that day is Emily’s father death anniversary. Emily states that he would not kill Kiri but because she will kill Iwai, he wants to get her to be scared of him so that she might stop trying to kill Iwai. But when they fight Kiri lose and he end up rolling of the cliff. Just when Kiri thought he would die, he dreamt about the original, even though Kiri’s frighten he knew that if this somehow can make him stronger than he would do anything. Kiri followed Grayland into a door, but he realize that he was Grayland, and he walks into the door. Once inside he found a lot of corpse and realize that Grayland was going to cut the corpse. Kiri tried to stop him but it failed. Without realizing Kiri stands up with his two hands and feet in the ground with holding his scissor in his mouth.

Jun. 20, 2013

The Severing Crime Edge season 1