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The Familiar of Zero 4x1

Louise of the Holy Kingdom

Saito is on Louise’s bed with Siesta and he starts making perveted comments in his sleep when Louise wakes up and explores the door and Tabitha appears to “protect him” then Mr.Colbert takes them to Romalia to see the queen Henrietta and the king appears and he invited them a feast, Louise gets mad with Saito and he walk out to Siesta room and Siesta talked how she fights like love rival’s and then he went to find Louise when he heard her screaming. After Tiffania asked Colbert-sensei to teach her how to summon a Familiar. Saito ran and he fought 2 people that were thieves and Tiffania is learning how to summon a familiar when Saito is fighting he falls and comes through Tiffania’s Familiar “portal” nothing really happened, and then they got back and Saito kissed Louise and then Tiffania comes in and Louise started to say that Saito forced her.

The Familiar of Zero S4 episode 1 subtitle indonesia
Jan. 07, 2012

The Familiar of Zero season 4