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Rozen Maiden 1x9

Cage- Die Gefangnis

Suiseiseki is alarmed as Souseiseki seldoms open the door to dreams. Shinku surmises she must have been tricked. Suiseiseki is heartened when the gang votes to follow her to recuse Souseiseki.

They enter into the master’s dreamworld to look for Souseiseki and encounters Suigintou. Having possessed Souseisek’s Renpika (shears), Suigintou wants Souseiseki’s Amethyst Dream (watering can) as well. When the dream door disappears, Souseiseki knows that the master intends to lock all of them in his dream. Shinku askes Jun to leave with the twins while Hinaichigo and herself stays behind to deal with Suigintou.

The twins bought Jun to a mighty tree that connects everyone’s dreams in the world and whose branches allow them to travel between dreams. They enter into the dreamworld of the master’s wife and to their suprise, sees Kadzuki. The master’s wife refused to leave her dreamworld because of Kadzuki’s presence and because both of them can live in a safe world without the pain of reality. Thi

Dec. 02, 2004

Rozen Maiden season 1