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Rozen Maiden 1x4

Jade Stone - Jade Stern

One night while Shinku and Hinaichigo was in a tassle over a KunKun stuff toy, a suitcase crashes through the window of Jun’s room to reveal another Rozen Maiden ‘Suiseiseki’.

Suiseiseki came to look for Shinku who’s like a big sister of sorts and she hated humans. She dislikes Jun as well and tries to draw a line btw them. However, she gets along better with Nori who’s of a gentler nature. By Shinku’s request, Suiseiseki uses her power to bring Jun into his inner dreamworld which is dark, gloomy and neglected – reflecting his heart.

Jun is afraid to confront his fears and runs away. The four of them (Jun, Shinku, Suiseiseki & Hinaichigo) arrives at a green forest within which a tree representing Jun’s heart is located. Feeling sorry for the tree, Suiseiseki tries to help by watering the small and crooked tree. Jun learns that he has to bring them home to reality since it’s his dreamworld after all. When he catches hold of Suiseiseki when she’s about to slip off his flying form, Suisei

Oct. 28, 2004

Rozen Maiden season 1