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Rozen Maiden 1x12

Pure Ruby - Reiner Rubin

Jun carries Shinku off while the rest of the dolls fight Suigintou. Shinku breaks down upon the loss of her arm. She feels that she has become defective in the face of the dolls’ constant strive for perfection and is no longer worthy to become Alice.

It’s Jun’s turn to talk some sense into Shinku and he pledges to protect her. The dolls are beaten to a pulp and Suigintou moves to attack Jun using his fears. When Jun sees Shinku’s broken limb, he refuses to lose to his fears and invokes the power to dispel Suigintou’s attack. Shinku’s arm reattaches itself and she faces off with Suigintou in a last conclusive battle.

Suigintou is defeated and it’s revealed that she’s an unfinished/defective product but managed to get this far without a medium just by her determination and love for ‘father’ alone. She’s powered by her desire to gain acceptance and wants to prove to everyone that she’s a complete doll.

Nori stops Suiseseki and Souseseki from trimming around Jun’s tree, saying that Jun nee

Dec. 23, 2004

Rozen Maiden season 1