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Rozen Maiden 1x10

Separation - Abschied

Suigintou enters into Shinku’s dream to get her to wager her Rosa Mystique in a final Alice game to end it all. Shinku agrees. Suiseseki comes for a visit. Nori’s classmate appears again in front of her house to confess but got knocked out by Souseseki’s flying suitcase (poor guy).

Nori requests for their help in practicing for her school play ‘Snow White’. Nori is the narrator, Souseseki/Hinaichigo as the dwarfs, Suiseseki as the evil crone, while Shinku makes for a very chilly Snow White. Suiseseki totally relishes her role as the evil stepmother and gave Snow White a poisoned apple. Jun, as the prince, is required to give Shinku a kiss and he gets all flustered.

Jun blushes when he chanced upon the Rozen Maidens in their undergarments as Nori washes their laundry. Nori and Shinku enjoys a reflective moment together and the latter tries to teach Nori to see things differently. Shinku lounges around in Jun’s shirt when she takes off her dress for Jun to sew her cuffs. Jun can’t help b

Dec. 09, 2004

Rozen Maiden season 1