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Rozen Maiden 1x1

Rose Maiden - Fräulein Rose

The series starts off with a lovely tea party with a little girl and her father at the center of attention. When one of her dolls moves on a moonlit night, the little girl enclosed it in the suitcase. Fast forward to Japan in recent times. Sakurada Nori, a clumsy but kind-hearted girl, is rushing home to make meals for her brother, Jun. He has been avoiding attending school and is a virtual recluse because of his complex. Jun is hooked on mail-order goods (usually some strange occult stuff)and then using the return rule at the last moment. Soon after Jun-kun choose the ‘wind it’ option on a mail order form, he trips over a suitcase in his room. He open it up to discover an exquisite doll and winds it up. He is aghast when the doll comes to life and gives him a slap for touching her without permission. She then inform him that she is the fifth doll of the Rozen Maidens, named Shinku. When black feathers drifted into the room, it marks the arrival of a clown doll who wants to kill Jun. T

Oct. 07, 2004

Rozen Maiden season 1