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Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom 1x26


Reiji and Elen defeat the Zahlen Schwestern after a difficult battle and Elen finally breaks free of Sythe Master’s mental manipulations and is able to kill him. Meanwhile in America, Mr. McGuire is asked for his orders in regards to Phantom and muses over Ein and Zwei’s accomplishments for Inferno. He states that youth must prevail over the old system and that Inferno must carry on; whether this means that Ein and Zwei are to be eliminated as part of the “old system” or to be retrieved as the “youth” is unknown. Six months later, Reiji and Elen have finally traced Elen’s heritage back to Mongolia where they meet a dead end. While an old man tells Elen that you could never forget the sky of Mongolia; after finding a field to do so, Elen is content knowing this is her homeland and feels her journey is over. As Reiji watches Elen in the field, he vows that he will keep his promise to make Elen truly smile, which she does after finding peace through being with Reiji and finding her homeland. As a carriage passes by, a shot is fired; Reiji collapses to the ground. Elen is then shown unmoving while looking up at the sky; however a petal of a poisonous flower beside her, Oxytropis, is shown missing. The fate of Elen and Reiji is left unknown, leaving the ending ambiguous.

Sep. 24, 2009

Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom season 1