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Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom 1x16


To appease Godoh, Claudia shoots and kills Isaac as the one responsible for the sniper attack. Later, Reiji confides to Lizzie that the sniping occurred after Randy Weber was killed, which means it wasn’t part of Isaac’s plan. Reiji plants the money that Cal stole at Wisemel’s mansion to implicate him further in his treachery. Cal offers to help Reiji in his assassinations, he doesn’t want her to get involved any further but Cal still wants to help Reiji, as she feels isolated as Reiji is alone in this assassin lifestyle. Cal wants to be Reiji, with him Forever. Though Reiji feels that with Cal here, Cal won’t have to help him with his Phantom work as he will stop his current life so he can be with Cal. After confirming Isaac’s treachery, McGuire makes Claudia his new second-in-command. Scythe Master frames Reiji for killing Godoh’s man after he shows them an incriminating photo of him. Reiji receives a call from Lizzie, telling him to help her deal with some restless remnants of Isaac’s Bloodies. Cal disappointed that she won’t be able to spend the day together with Reiji Sighs. But as Reiji leaves he says ‘we have penalty of time, aren’t we going to be together forever’ Unknown to him, Lizzie is being used by the Godoh group to lure him out.

Jul. 16, 2009

Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom season 1