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Pandora Hearts 1x3

The Lost Child and the Black Rabbit

Oz gets pulled down into the Abyss. He explores a bit and discovers the place as like a broken toy box. He also finds out the the place looks the same no matter where he goes. Some dolls attack him before the Black Rabbit arrives and saves him once again. First, he is fearful of the girl, who tells him to call her Alice, but he soon warms up and begins to eat cookies. When asked by Alice why he isn’t afraid of her, he simply replies that too many unexpected incidents have happened to him already. He learned that he should remain calm whenever strange things happen in order to stop others from being hurt. She says that Oz is required to make a contract with her in order to leave the Abyss, and he seriously thinks about it, until he’s transported away. After a fake Sharon, which is actually a Chain (a monster born in and from the Abyss) misleads him, he finally agrees to form a contract with Alice. They both leave the Abyss and Raven, a mysterious new figure, Sharon and Break, her servant, find him lying on the ground just as they were about to save him.

Pandora Hearts S1 episode 3 subtitle indonesia
Apr. 16, 2009

Pandora Hearts season 1