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Log Horizon 2x10

Guild Master

The raiding party revives after their overwhelming defeat on Christmas Eve and after listening to the disheartened words of his comrades, William struggles to raise their morale. This causes him to shed light on his social ineptitude in the real world and reveals the role Elder Tale had in helping him connect and empathize with like-minded people. Desperately appealing to his comrades, William mentions how truly happy they were after awakening in the very reality they had dedicated their lives too and uses this as affirmation for not quitting the raid as a fellow gamer. However when Demikas objects to his logic, William exposes his deep regret at turning his back on the Round Table but idolized Shiroe for his perseverance in accomplishing the seemingly impossible raid which resulted in the restoration of Akihabara itself. Finally, William manages to inspire everyone when he explains that he accepted Shiroe’s raiding request because at the heart of being a gamer, it was truly fun. William’s heartfelt words also resonate with Shiroe so much that he wonders if he can also be the kind of guild master that inspires his guild members, and resolves to tell everyone his true purpose. Finally after a week of preparation, the raiding party moves to face the trio of bosses once more.

Log Horizon: eps 10 subtitle indonesia
Log Horizon: eps 10 subtitle indonesia
Dec. 06, 2014

Log Horizon season 2