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Kill la Kill 1x24

Past the Infinite Darkness

Ragyo uses her Shinra-Koketsu’s Absolute Domination ability to negate the effects of everyone’s Kamui and Goku Uniforms before reviving the original Life Fiber. Ragyo attempts to fuse everyone into the original Life Fiber, but Senketsu, who is immune to Ragyo’s ability as he, like Ryuko, is neither human nor clothing, manages to knock Rei out of Shinra-Koketsu, negating its Absolute Domination ability and restoring everyone’s power. This allows the Elite Four and Nudist Beach to destroy the satellite uplink while Ryuko and Satsuki deal a critical blow to Ragyo. However, Nui fuses herself with the original Life Fiber and combines with Ragyo, allowing her to launch into space so she can activate the satellite directly, where she begins her plan to convert the world into a Life Fiber coccoon. After promising to go on a date with Mako when she returns, Ryuko absorbs the combined power of Senketsu, Junketsu, and the Goku Uniforms to form Senketsu Kisaragi, launching into space and fight Ragyo, willingly taking her attacks to provide Senketsu with the power needed to absorb Ragyo’s Absolute Domination ability and eliminate all of the Life Fibers, allowing humans to be humans. After Ragyo ends her own life, Senketsu uses the last of his strength and sacrifices himself to return Ryuko safely to Earth, where she reunites with her friends and family. With the world now free to wear what clothes they want, Ryuko goes on her date with Mako and Satsuki, keeping the memory of Senketsu in her heart.

Kill la Kill S1 episode 24 subtitle indonesia
Mar. 27, 2014

Kill la Kill season 1