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Kamisama Dolls 1x2

A God`s Training

The episode opens with a flashback, showing Utao gaining ownership over her doll. Fast forward to the present, and at a crystal clear lake. Utao’s doll flying nimbly above the surface, the little girl concentrating to keep it airborne. Kyouhei and Hibino watch, Hibino impressed at Utao’s prowess in keeping the construct afloat. When she compliments Utao on it, Utao’s focus wavers and the doll crashes.

Kyouhei scolds her on this, and the three break for lunch before continuing with Utao’s training. It’s also here that we learn that Kyouhei used to control the doll before Utao, but was dismissed from the job when he didn’t prove able enough.

Meanwhile, across the lake, two members of the science club are having a scuffle that end in a blown up clubhouse and the two members trapped in a car. Utao uses her doll’s powers to rescue the two and bring them to safety.

The next day, Hibino and Kyouhei eat in the cafeteria when the girl that Utao saved comes over and greets them. She gets suspicious when the two bring up the clubhouse incident when word hadn’t necessarily gotten around the school, this scene establishing a possible nuisance for the three as Utao trains herself.

At the same time, Utao is playing video games with her doll before coming down to work in Hibino’s father’s shop. When Hibino and Kyouhei return home, Kyouhei informs her of the doll’s irresponsible power, and the real reason why he stopped controlling it. It was him trying to stop Aki from massacring the village population even more during a brutal rampage, with him causing more damage than he intended.

Jul. 13, 2011

Kamisama Dolls season 1