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Kamisama Dolls 1x13

Kuga Kyohei, the Seki

As Kyohei loses consciousness due to Mahitsuga’s attack, Kukuri goes berserk and attacks Mahitsuga while Utao is confused and weakened by the sensation of losing control of Kukuri. The fight ends with Mahitsuga gets destroyed by Kukuri.

At the hospital Kyohei lies in a coma while Utao is in shock. Utao just wakes up on Hibino’s lap as Hibino’s dad arrives concerned about his daughter’s safety. Meanwhile, Koushirou and Moyako keep their distance from them talking about how Mahiru and Kirio have disappeared. The scene cuts to Kirio sitting alone in a park thinking about why this all happens, somewhere else Mahiru is asking herself why Kyohei isn’t a Seki anymore with that power. And that’s when Kyohei starts to remember back when he was a teenager and how he failed to do anything about Sensei. He always felt like an outsider who wasn’t part of what happened despite his efforts to do the opposite and therefore he distanced himself from the village not feeling like he belonged there.

Then his flashback turns into a nightmare and Kyohei ends up waking up and hugging Hibino by reflex who was standing near his bed at that moment by chance. Later on the rooftop of the hospital Kyohei apologizes to Hibino for hugging her all of a sudden but Hibino kisses him and admits that she actually liked Kyohei’s words. As Hibino and Kyohei go back to his room in the hospital, they are greeted by Utao who tells them frantically that she can’t control Kukuri anymore.

Back at Hibino’s house Moyako is taking a look at Kukuri but she thinks that’s nothing wrong with it – technically. Utao seems worried about it despite that since she still can’t control Kukuri. A few moments later Kyohei and Hibino are talking about their future which leads to Kyohei deciding to atone for what he has done until now and take responsibility while Hibino supports him but adding that he shouldn’t bear that burden alone. As Hibino goes Aki appears telling Kyohei of his plan to “nuke” The Village. Kyohei is still against it but then Aki tells him of how the Hyuga-clan-leader has dug up the four-legged Kakashi that Kyohei destroyed a long time ago. Despite that Kyohei wants him to stop wanting to destroy everything but Aki wants to go all the way with his hatred. The talk then derails to them remembering what they did when they were kids which makes them remember what good friends they are. After that Aki leaves and says goodbye to Kyohei, obviously still seeing him as the friend he was in their days as children.

Sep. 28, 2011

Kamisama Dolls season 1