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Dusk Maiden of Amnesia 1x9

Malice Maiden

Shadow Yuuko approaches Kirie but disappears thanks to the timely arrival of Momoe. She tells about her encounter with Teiichi and Yuuko but to Kirie and Teiichi’s shock, Yuuko tells them she has never meet Shadow Yuuko nor she knows about the school’s mysteries. They soon realizes Yuuko has selectively pushed her negative memories into Shadow Yuuko again after noticing she has become more stubborn and embarrassed than before. As the Paranormal Investigations club heads home, Yuuko feels hurt and lonely without Teiichi and has a brief flashback of her painful past. Shadow Yuuko appears before Yuuko, telling her she has hated Yuuko for pushing their negative memories into her and is bitterly jealous that she has Teiichi who loves her. As she tries to force Yuuko to remember their past, Teiichi saves her from Shadow Yuuko. They try to escape from school but Yuuko cannot leave the school grounds.

Jun. 03, 2012

Dusk Maiden of Amnesia season 1