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Cross Ange: Rondo of Angels and Dragons 1x9

The Hometown of Betrayal

This episode happened simultaneously, as Ange and Hilda heads to their respective places to meet their loved ones. Hilda stole some clothes before heading to her mother which lives in the outskirts of Enderant Union. Arrived on her destination, her mother didn’t recognize her and Hilda thought she grew up and her appearance changed. As she was about to reveal her name to her mother, a young girl appears and her mother called the girl “Hilda”, which surprises her. The young Hilda learns that Hilda is a Norma which freaks her out and fainted. Her mother despised Hilda and asked her to leave the place. Despite reiterating that she is Hilda, her mother throws a slice of apple pie. A devastated Hilda leaves and later being beaten by the police. As laid beaten, she wonders if Ange met her sister. Meanwhile, Ange and Momoka prepares their advance on the imperial palace. They head to the Iaria hangar and met Ange’s friend Akiho, who is terrified upon seeing Ange. As Ange gets an Iaria vehicle, Akiho attempts to make an emergency call but Ange quickly notices Akiho’s call and ties her up. As they maneuver around the imperial capital, they were being ambushed and chased until Ange heads to a hidden passage. As they reached the imperial palace, Ange was being confronted by imperial guards and rescues Sylvia. However, Sylvia slices Ange’s left arm and despised her, blaming to her paraplegic status and the death of her mother. Ange shocks when she hears Sylvia’s resenting words and now being captured by the imperial guards.

Cross Ange: Rondo of Angels and Dragons S1 episode 9 subtitle indonesia
Nov. 30, 2014

Cross Ange: Rondo of Angels and Dragons season 1