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Cross Ange: Rondo of Angels and Dragons 1x20

Soul of God

In the Aurora, Jill criticizes Tusk, who is caught and imprisoned, that in spite of the fact that he is Villkiss’s knight, his actions led to Ange becoming lost and caused the failure of their plan, Libertus. She says in a hateful voice that Tusk has brought everything to ruin and that he has disgraced his father who said that the Villkiss is important for defeating Embryo. Hilda provides her opinion to Jill that Libertus is not over until it is over and that it is a simple matter of fact that they must to Ange’s rescue. Jill says with a tone of disappointment that an attempt to save Ange would be futile and that Ange would no longer listen to her commands. Jill decides to change the course of Aurora to Arzenal and gives an order. In Salia’s bedroom at the Akenomi-hashira, Embryo approaches Salia and proposes that it would be good for them to let Ange, who is the only one who can pilot Villkiss and can bring the world to variation, join the Diamond Rose Knights, but Salia refuses. Embryo makes a pass at Salia, saying that she is the most important person in the world, and she feels resolve weakening. Salia tries to stop Ange who intends to pass her and confront Embryo, but in the end, Ange passes through to the library where Embryo is. In the library, Embryo dazzles Ange with his grace and beauty and serves her tea with a sticky sweet smile, and then proposes to Ange that he wants to marry her. When Salia, who is eavesdropping, hears this, she cannot hide her shock. Embryo says with a smile, insincerely to Ange that if she married him, he can fulfill her wildest dream, which is to try to destroy the world. Embryo reveals to Ange that he had tried to change the world in which a brutal and greedy ancient human beings live, and make a world filled with peace by using Mana, but he tells Ange that his plan added up with nothing because the human beings living in his world essentially did not change. He suggest Ange that it is possible to change the world if he partners up with her. After Ange asks Embryo the way to change the world, he suddenly start to sing a song called “The Tale of Eternity”. Embryo tells Ange that this song is built based on “unified theory” and tells her that he has converted “a law which influences cosmos” into a melody. He tells Ange that his plan is to amplify the song using the Ragna-Mail, and as a result, fuse both worlds and create new world by exploiting Aura’s energy. However, Ange protests. Ange stabs Embryo’s hand with a knife, fixing it to the table. She believes that, by doing this, it is possible to make Embryo’s magic unusable. Ange cuts Embryo’s throat, believing that this is the end. However, he emerges uninjured from a different place. He casts magic which heightens sensory overload on Ange, and by so doing, he makes Ange get aroused. But when Momaka tries to protect her, he whisks her away. In Hilda’s bedroom in Aurora, Hilda and Rosalie pour out their hearts to each other and strengthen their bond realizing that Ange and Chris are very important to them and they make a firm decision to rescue them. After Hilda enters the prison where Tusk is, she tries to bait him with a show of affection, but it fails. “I’m Ange’s knight”, Tusk says, which Hilda teases him about him always ending in compromising positions with Ange. Hilda appeals to Tusk for assistance because she does not feel confidence in Jill. The barrier walls suddenly close. At the moment when Jill goes to the place where Para-Mmail is and is going to get in it, Hilda appears. Hilda confidently tells Jill that by listening through the door, she knows that Jill has a nightmare, and questions Jill about whether she might go to the place where Embryo is. The next few seconds passed like the dream of minutes. Jill’s gun flashes, but her efforts are thwarted by Hilda. At the prison in Akenomi-Hashira, Momoka sees Riza, who has a gag in her mouth, and is being abused by Silvia. After Silvia leaves, Momoka helps the injured DRAGON, advising she will not forgive her until she apologizes to Ange. Riza informs Momoka that there is Ange is in the shelter that is exclusively used by royalty. In the Aurora, Jill says that she was a puppet in the hand of Embryo and the he controlled her mind and she became captivated by him. Additionally, she says with a glow of regret that she let her co-workers die and the only thing she can do to atone for her crime is to kill Embryo. When she speaks about Embryo, Maggy slaps Jill in the face and says that she followed Jill for to help her. Jasmine interrupts, and says that now that they know the truth, Jill must step down. She designates Hilda to act as the leader. In the shelter Embryo tries to break Ange with pain and pleasure, but every time she breaks the spell and insults him. Embryo gathers the other Mail-riders for trying to carry out his plan, but Sala is not there. In the shelter, Salia comes to Ange and tells her that she must leave, which Ange then thanks her and chokes her but also Salia gives her one more item, the ring of Villkiss. Embryo uses Aura’s facilities to carry out his plan to broadcast the song and demands the riders to protect the facility. After Ange and Momoca leave the castle, Ersha tries to stop her but then the Blue Villkiss appears in response to the situation. As Ange’s former friends try to capture her, a Singularity point opens and an energy beam scatters the attackers, revealing Salako and her Ragna-Mails flying to help their friend as Riza watches from the comm room. The stage is now set for the end of the world. 

Cross Ange: Rondo of Angels and Dragons S1 episode 20 subtitle indonesia
Feb. 22, 2015

Cross Ange: Rondo of Angels and Dragons season 1